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The Little Developmental Coordination Questionnaire is a parent report measure that screens for motor coordination difficulties in 3- and 4- year old children. It consists of 15 items, which group into two distinct factors: 1) gross motor skills and 2) fine motor skills. The Little DCDQ measures functional skills in several contextual areas across home and preschool environments and during play activities.

The full report of its development, reliability and validity can be found, through open access, at:

Wilson, B.N., Creighton, D., Crawford, S.G., Heath, J.A., Semple, L., Tan, B., & Hansen, S. (2014). Psychometric Properties of the Canadian Little Developmental Coordination Disorder Questionnaire for Preschool Children. Physical & Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics.

Open Access Article

The DCDQ and most translations have been available free-of-charge. Due to the costs of maintaining this website and in order to support further validation of all versions of the DCDQ, we are charging a nominal fee for purchase of the Little DCDQ-CA:

  • $50 CAD for the Little DCDQ
  • all other versions of the DCDQ remain free-of-charge

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We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Alberta Centre for Child, Family and Community Research in the development of the DCDQ and the Little DCDQ, and of the first web site.